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K9 Services

K9 Services

Effective K9 Solutions

Whilst other companies utilise K9’s as a Form of Marketing, Leader Security K9 Teams are the Real Deal.

The Leader K9 Advantage

Leader Security established its K9 Unit in response to a growing need for a higher level of protection to various industries. We specialise in providing REAL security solutions on the premise our clients demand results.

Leader Security utilise the heightened sense of awareness of our highly trained K9 partners to give their handlers the ability to virtually see around corners, allowing them to detect and apprehend offenders that would normally go unnoticed.

Effective – Heightened Sense of Smell & Hearing

It goes without saying the psychological impact of a highly trained Man & Dog Team has on a criminal. With good reason, fact is it is virtually impossible to hide from a trained Man & Dog Team.

From experience, we have found the mere presence of a dog lends credibility to the guard service and provides the handler with not only the confidence but also the ability to apprehend offenders even in situations involving multiple perpetrators until such time as Police arrive.

All Man & Dog Teams undergo constant maintenance training by our own in-house trainers and assessors; this ensures all teams operate efficiently and effectively providing our clients with maximum security.

Man & Dog Teams are trained in the following areas:

It is the policy of Leader Security that K9’s work only under the control and direction of their handler; at no time do our dogs work independently off lead or unattended.

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