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Alarm Monitoring

The highest level of security monitoring commercially available


A recent independent survey of Leader Security customers undertaken by Trident Corporate Services revealed 97% of Leader Security customers would strongly recommend us to their friends.

The highest level of Security Monitoring commercially available

Certified and formally graded A1.

Leader Security cater for all systems, standard Monitoring, NBN Options, and Video Monitoring. 

Why should I only consider monitoring services from a Certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centre?

Grade A1 alarm monitoring represents the highest, most secure form of alarm monitoring under Australian Standard 2201.2-2001. It requires independent certification that a security company’s monitoring facility meets the rigorous technical and security requirements of being a Grade One/A1 facility. It means the facility is able to continue providing effective alarm security monitoring services to customers even in extreme circumstances involving natural disaster or attempted sabotage.

Alarm monitoring stations are graded according to their internal security, their monitoring system integrity and their alarm action time. 

Building services and construction are graded on a scale from A to C ("A" being most resistant to attack). Operation, equipment and staff are graded on a scale from 1 to 3 ("1" having the highest performance).

The most secure and technically capable stations are designated Grade A1.

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